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To join an extensive network of security partners, some of whom are in search of new products or services, while others have the capacity to conduct the necessary research to produce innovative ideas and products that enable Canadian companies to accelerate the commercialization of innovative solutions.

To benefit from national and international partnerships facilitating access to a variety of markets.






InnoSécur main fields of application and business development

There is currently a pressing call for innovation to improve the response capacity of front- and second-line services that are more and more numerous to face an increase in the number, severity and complexity of events that put the safety of communities, people and their property at risk, including events associated with climate change, various socio-economic tensions, and multiple emerging threats and hazards. Through its main fields of application, InnoSécur provides access to an ecosystem of partners working both in the search for solutions and in the production of innovative advances in several areas of innovation:

InnoSécur’s main fields of application Fields of innovation
1. The foresight and resiliency of communities and people before, during and after a natural or technological disaster (adaptability of disaster-prone individuals and communities: prepare, resist, rebuild) Products designed to prevent or to protect against:
  • - Floods
  • - Major weather events
  • - Pandemics
  • - Building fires and forest fires
  • - Shortages of essential goods
  • - Toxic products
  • - Earthquakes
2. Equipment and technology used by first responders (law enforcement, civil security, military, health services, private security and relief agencies)
  • - Vehicles
  • - Staff equipment (uniforms, flasks)
  • - Communications systems
  • - Information technologies
  • - Specialized equipment
3. The interoperability of the first responders during major events that command the intervention of multiple first- and second-line responders
  • - Communications systems
  • - Information technologies
4. Risk management and decision support (know, assess, decide, act and control)
  • - Information technologies
  • - Artificial intelligence (AI)
5. Security of essential infrastructure and event sites Products designed for:
  • - Prevention
  • - Monitoring
  • - Protection
6. Occupational health and safety Prevention products

Who can become members of InnoSécur?

INDUSTRIAL PARTNERS Companies operating in the security of communities, people and property.
INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERS Non-profit associations, agencies, institutions and organizations and research and teaching institutions among others.
PUBLIC PARTNERS Government departments and agencies as well as various regional and municipal authorities.
ASSOCIATE PARTNERS First- and second-line players, security-related service providers (police, fire and ambulance services, infrastructure managers, peace officers, emergency services, private security, etc.). They may act as observers or participate in the work of certain committees or working groups.
CORPORATE PARTNERS Any corporation, partnership, association or legal person interested in InnoSécur’s goals and activities.

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