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December 15, 2020 InnoSécur works hand in hand with In-Sec-M The organization rallies a vast network of partners in the field of security. Some are looking for new products or services. Others have the ability to do the research needed to develop suitable solutions. In a spirit of collaboration... Read more
November 25, 2020 MRO and Defence & Security In a rapidly changing environment where unity is strength and collaborations are proving their worth, Aéro Montréal is bringing together the MRO and Defence and Security sectors for an unprecedented, 100% virtual event on Wednesday, December 16, 2020…

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November 10, 2020 SAFE Cluster informs you As part of the newly signed agreement, SAFE Cluster and the Quebec-Canadian ecosystem InnoSécur are working together to help you find your Canadian partner, particularly in the following areas:
- risk management and smart resilience: resilience of communities and people during and after a natural and technological disaster
- security forces: equipment and technologies used by front-line responders (law enforcement, civil security, defense, health services, private security and rescue organization)
- innovative security solutions for major events such as the 2024 Olympics and the 2026 FIFA World Cup in Canada

What SAFE can bring you: Identification of partners likely to match your needs, networking and support in setting up a project.

First opportunity:
The Call for Projects - Innovate in collaboration with a Canadian partner, launched by Bpifrance in collaboration with @CNRC
Closing date reminder: December 31, 2020

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For Quebec and Canadian companies:
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November 4, 2020 Training on the Canadian market In the current environment, companies realize that diversification into new markets allows them to limit risks and take advantage of new opportunities. Aéro Montréal has therefore decided to renew its training courses in the defense market, obviously in virtual format!

5 session de formation provided by 4 experts from Cirrus Research Associates
Additional coaching available with Cirrus Research Associates to develop a concrete action plan
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November 4, 2020 Training on the American market 2 two-day training provided by Mr. Daniel J. Kelly and Mr. Zack Hadzismajlovic, both partners at McCarter & English.

2 practical workshops offered by LSI

Additional coaching available with LSI to develop a concrete action plan
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